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I have loved reading and writing since I was a child.  My favorite thing to write is a romance that ends with a happily ever after.  Please peruse the page to see what I have written or see below.



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Now Available

This Isn't Working Out on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

She's given up on men...and exercise. But could a handsome stranger change her mind? After a series of disastrous blind dates and failed relationships, Lily, a successful ghostwriter, has given up on men. Just when she thought she was done with love, she meets Ben, her new personal trainer, who might just be worth breaking all the rules for. Join Lily and Ben on their hilarious misadventures as he tries to convince her to fall in love with exercise. But she just might be falling for him instead. Get ready to laugh out loud and fall in love with "This Isn't Working Out." Perfect for fans of Emma St. Clair and Megan Quinn, "This Isn't Working Out" is a charming romantic comedy that will leave you with a smile on your face.

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from the Christmas Elvez universe

Ghosts of Christmas Past


Just Add Water

A Happily Ever After Novella

Meet Celeste, a stickler for lists, schedules, and rules who finds herself trapped on a seven-day cruise with her wild and crazy family. As she struggles to keep everything under control, Celeste is forced to confront her own rigidity and let loose in ways she never thought possible. But when she meets a handsome crew member, will she be able to let down her guard and take a chance on love?

Just Add Water is a heartwarming and humorous page-turner that takes you from the ship's deck to exotic ports of call. Join Celeste on a journey filled with unexpected adventures, new friendships, and a touch of romance. Fans of Emma St. Clair and Megan Quinn will love this feel-good story that will leave you smiling and cheering for Celeste as she discovers the joy of living in the moment.

Don't miss out on this unforgettable trip. Get your copy of Just Add Water today and set sail with Celeste on a voyage of self-discovery and love!

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